Quality Assurance Statement Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Quality Assurance Statement Policy In line with the quality of RTCS we will thrive to be compliance with the quality standards. In support of this, we have introduced a quality manual outlining the quality requirement of RTCS. In support of this, we have introduced as a matter of policy, a quality […]

Emergency Response Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Emergency Response Policy RTCS response to any emergency within the company will be directed towards: Saving life care for the injured. Protection of the environment. Limitation of damages to assets. Defense of good corporate image. RTCS shall provide the appropriate organization, facilities, procedures and training so that immediate and coordinated action […]

No Smoking Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp No Smoking Policy Smoking could result in fire incident and the ultimate loss in resources/money. To avoid this, RTCS staff should not smoke in and around any worksite. The safety department will ensure that all staff upholds this policy strictly. Violation shall attract appropriate penalty. Use of Personal Protective Equipment by […]

Community Development Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Community Development Policy In order to improve the quality of life in host communities RTCS shall: Establish a Community Development Program, which applies World Standard of practice to serve its host communities. Work in partnership with host communities and where appropriate with Government, donors, no-governmental organization, community based groups and other […]

Waste Management Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Waste Management Policy Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not property collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and dispose of in an environmentally safe manner so as not to cause injury or damage to plants, animals and the environment (the soil, water and air). Industrial wastes and kitchen […]

Drug, Alcohol and Search Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Drug, Alcohol and Search Policy It is an offence for any employee of RTCS to be under the influence of alcohol of in possession of or under the influence of any non-prescription drugs such as cocaine, in its office or residing on any job site, including water born operation or property […]

Cash Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Cash Policy Purpose:The purpose of this cash policy is to establish guidelines and procedures for the handling, processing, and recording of cash transactions within our company. The policy aims to ensure the security, accuracy, and accountability of all cash-related activities. Cash Handling Procedures:2.1 Cash Receipts:a. All cash receipts must be promptly […]

HSE Management Commitment

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp HSE Management Commitment For effective implementation of HSE there shall be an HSE management committee, which shall take overall decision on HSE issues. The GM head the committee. Other members of the committee are: HSE Coordinator Project Coordinator Project Manager Material Supervisor Project Engineer The project HSE management committee shall be […]

Environmental / Waste Management Policy

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp Environmental Waste Management Policy The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. We must take environmental sanitation programmed seriously. Physical factors in the environment do influence health at work. These are lighting, ventilation humidity and effect of extremes of temperature. Every effort will […]

HSE Policy Statement

Facebook Twitter LinkedIn WhatsApp RTCS is involved in various catering operations, operations for which the collective objective is to operate in the most safe, economic and hygienic manner. As a contractor to oil prospecting companies, we are aware of the nature of work involved in the petroleum industry and the necessary safety effort required in […]