Quality Assurance Statement Policy


Quality Assurance Statement Policy

In line with the quality of RTCS we will thrive to be compliance with the quality standards.

In support of this, we have introduced a quality manual outlining the quality requirement of RTCS. In support of this, we have introduced as a matter of policy, a quality manual outlining the quality requirement of RTCS.

The head of each department within the company is responsible for the effective implementation within their own section of the Quality Policy and Objective as outline in this document.

The overall co-ordination, including the monitoring and auditing of the Quality Assurance (QA) system is the responsibility of the Head, Engineering & Quality Assurance.

All staff are encouraged to make suggestions, which will improve the quality system, and it is the responsibility of all staff to ensure that the established quality system is adhered to at all times.

A Quality Policy Committee shall be formed to review, approve and solve selected issue emanating from the divisional quality policy and quality management system.

At a minimum this committee shall sit annually under the chairmanship of the General Manager.

It is the management’s committee to vigorously pursue this end and in doing so to encourage a quality ethic within the work force.

This will be our battle cry. We will get in right firs time, every time.

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The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. We must take environmental sanitation programmed seriously.

Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not property collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and dispose of in an environmentally safe manner so as not to cause injury or damage to plants, animals and the environment (the soil, water and air).

Industrial and kitchen wastes shall be collected in bins marked accordingly. In remote locations, biodegradable wastes shall be disposed of in pits and pits.