Community Development Policy


Community Development Policy

In order to improve the quality of life in host communities RTCS shall:

  • Establish a Community Development Program, which applies World Standard of practice to serve its host communities.
  • Work in partnership with host communities and where appropriate with Government, donors, no-governmental organization, community based groups and other stakeholders.
  • Encourage the full participation of host communities in project planning, implementation and monitoring. Maintain communication with all social segments of host communities in order to address their needs.
  • Focus Community
    Development Assistance on activities having high impact and broad benefits for the host population.
  • Pay special attention to the most economically disadvantage and social groups co-operate and develop interface with the client and third parties to avoid unnecessary delays, shut down and of course unwarranted loss of man hours.
  • Prior to mobilization/movement to any locality, pay a visit to the community chiefs and leaders. Report community disturbance of threat to its client without delay.
  • The Community Development Policy shall be in line with Sustainable Community Development (SCD) Policy.
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The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. We must take environmental sanitation programmed seriously.

Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not property collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and dispose of in an environmentally safe manner so as not to cause injury or damage to plants, animals and the environment (the soil, water and air).

Industrial and kitchen wastes shall be collected in bins marked accordingly. In remote locations, biodegradable wastes shall be disposed of in pits and pits.