HSE Policy Statement


HSE Policy Statement

RTCS is involved in various catering operations, operations for which the collective objective is to operate in the most safe, economic and hygienic manner. As a contractor to oil prospecting companies, we are aware of the nature of work involved in the petroleum industry and the necessary safety effort required in minimizing injury to staff and damage to equipment and the environment.

We have a systematic approach to HSE, designed to ensure compliance with the law and to achieve continuous performance and improvement. Included performance in the appraisal of all staff and reward accordingly. Required that subcontractors manage health, safety and environment in line with company’s policies and plans.


It is the policy for our company to carry out its activities in such a manner that no fatality or serious injuries or damage to property arise. Therefore, we ensure every necessary safety step is taken to safeguard all who work for us including third parties. Non-compliance towards safety and hygiene shall be seriously frowned upon with management consequences. Detailed safe procedures must be put in place and station management held accountable for its implementation. In order to ensure an enviable performance the following strategies will be adopted.

  • The minimization of accident losses.
  • Minimization of breach of hygiene safety procedure.
  • The continued identification of accidents causes.
  • The control of accident causes.

This policy will be brought to the notice of all employees. It will be reviewed from time to time and revised as when necessary. We shall operate from the viewpoint that all accidents are preventable. Health and hygiene policy work may affect any or every system of the human body. It is therefore essential that early recognition of health hazard is established Monitored and controlled.

The company retains the services of a good clinic and resident doctor to take care of the works. The company place great emphasis on the promotion of the client health and hygiene concept and the protection of the worker. It is expected that all employees understand basic personal hygiene tests. Correct procedures of food handling and general cleaning.

Working or providing services to someone to calls for a measure of trust and confidence. It calls for respect
and protection of client property.

It is our policy not to betray this confidence by ensuring that all staffs carry out their assignment in client honesty.

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The company is committed to ensuring clean and healthy environment especially in the course of work. We must take environmental sanitation programmed seriously.

Waste constitute environmental nuisance if not property collected, handled and disposed. Waste shall therefore be collected, handled and dispose of in an environmentally safe manner so as not to cause injury or damage to plants, animals and the environment (the soil, water and air).

Industrial and kitchen wastes shall be collected in bins marked accordingly. In remote locations, biodegradable wastes shall be disposed of in pits and pits.